Synonym Definition Agony

#21: I broke my right leg twice: once at the age of 2 when I fell from a window on the 2nd floor; again at 6 a.m. when they are hit by a car (femur). Level 11 agony: Allow yourself to feel uncomfortable for a few minutes and spare someone else the agony of wondering where it went wrong. On two occasions, Raymond Jefferson`s service to his country left him in pain, anguish and years of convalescence. Example: I hope you never have to go through the pure agony of losing a child. Agony also has a few other meanings that are much rarer. It can mean an explosion of intense emotional excitement, even positive, as in a torment of joy. It can also mean an intense or violent battle, as in He was in agony of indecision. More precisely, it can refer to the struggle or suffering that precedes death. Torment can be physical or emotional.

A person who has just broken their leg and someone who has just experienced the death of a loved one could both be described as dying – in a state of extreme pain or suffering. Through Nadir`s journey, Joukhadar gives us a raw and powerful image of the agony and loneliness of his character as he faces life in a body that makes him feminine. However, agony is perhaps more often used in connection with emotional pain (in this case, such suffering is often compared to intense physical pain). Animals in agony or in danger are often used by Martin Wittfooth to hint at the future of human existence. The noun agony means acute pain – mental or physical, but people often use the hyperbolic word: “This cup of paper is agony.” Each sentence came as if it had been torn piece by piece of its reluctant tongue; Short and jerky sentences, conceived in pain and recited in agony. After reducing Punch to a second agony of tears, Harry went upstairs with the news that Punch was still rebellious. The excruciating adjective means that it is filled with torment or leads to torment, as in excruciating pain. It should serve as a reminder to parents who are still experiencing this torment.

Your sacrifice will be the agony of torment, the death of death, and yet you will not be able to resist. The agony appears in the phrase “the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat” used in the introduction to the long-running television show Wide World of Sports. The term is usually used to contrast the range of intense emotions that can result from competing with winners and losers, such as a championship match or election, with defeat sometimes causing agony. Similarly, agony is sometimes opposed to its opposite extreme, ecstasy – extreme pleasure or joy. Torment is extreme pain or suffering, especially that which lasts a long time. The word fear is a close synonym. How she did not suspect the prolonged torment that was beginning for her sisters in this unfortunate redoubt! If your muscles are so tense that the gentlest push causes agony, a heating pad can be a great ally. In the year of misery, anguish and suffering in general that he had endured, he had settled on a theory. The agony of being so close to our goal but failing eats away at our bowels as we repeat events over and over again in our minds. To be honest, there is no one better placed than Moore to capture the anguish and alarm of a woman in a nervous breakdown. I once imagined that the agony of the disease would be the biggest challenge for me as a doctor. The ecstasy of winning the election was quickly replaced by the agony of realizing that the results were incorrect.

Murray lost 6-1 7-6, 6-2 as Kate and William grimaced and groaned in agony with the rest of the nation. The verb torment may mean to be in agony, but it most often means to make a great effort – to fight or struggle as in You racked your brain to know what to get for your birthday. Someone told me yesterday that the absolute refusal to ask for help, even when one is in agony, is rooted in trauma and that we have been conditioned to see it as a strength. My brain is still processing this. In some situations, the words suffering and torment are roughly equivalent. However, suffering involves the conscious endurance of pain or stress. But when he positioned himself in a certain way, he discovered that he could avoid excruciating torment. The noun agony is also used in the common phrase “the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat,” which has been the slogan of ABC`s Wide World of Sports for decades.

The slogan, on the other hand, is often rendered as a play on words: “He fell off the ladder and broke his foot. He was writhing in pain, but the physical pain was nothing compared to his mental anguish when the doctor who put the bone on joked, “Now you know the agony of the feet!” Agony can refer to physical pain, but perhaps most often refers to emotional pain.

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