Where Can I Drive My Car Fast Legally

During the life of a car, it usually never has the opportunity to prove what it is really made of. His life is usually spent on a highway, city streets or residential streets. Why not test what your car is really made of? Do you know its top speed? How safe is it really? How does he drive in fast corners? Here are some places where you can take your car with you to see what your car is really made of. (Autofluence in no way promotes reckless driving on any road. This includes drift, speed and, of course, accidents. Always follow local traffic rules when driving.) According to Rhino Car Hire, you can drive up to 120 km/h on highways. On the other hand, if you are on open Greek roads, this speed limit is easily reduced to 110 km/h. If you drive through certain “built-up areas” in Greece, remember that the speed limit here is 50 km/h. Here are a few places where you can press the accelerator a little harder and it wouldn`t bother anyone. Elsewhere in this country, you should be more careful when it comes to going faster.

Because if you are outside the city, the maximum speed is only 80 km / h. Meanwhile, this number becomes even lower if you drive in the cities of Denmark. Here you are obliged to respect the speed limit of 50 km/h. If you want to become a traffic policeman, you will be taught to drive at high speed. However, this does not give you the right to break the law on the street. Also, you have to do all the other “police things,” which isn`t that much fun. Nevertheless, it is understandable that you always want to speed up from time to time. Luckily for you, there are a number of places in the United States and around the world where speeding is essentially legal due to the relatively higher limits. Just to give you a better idea, here are a few places where you can press the accelerator a little more and no one would care. And if you plan to rent a car to drive while you`re here, you`d be happy to know that there are areas of this country where you can enjoy speed. Texas is another state where you can accelerate without being run over by the police.

According to the Texas Transportation Commission, while the law essentially sets the speed limit at a maximum of 70 miles per hour, it still allows them to set higher speed limits in certain parts of the state. This includes a top speed of 80 mph to 85 mph along highways that are “designed for that speed.” On the rest of the road network, the speed limit can easily be increased to 75 miles per hour “if that speed is deemed safe and appropriate based on a traffic or engineering study.” Monterey, CAYou drove this 2.24-mile track with 11 turns playing Gran Turismo or Forza, but there`s nothing quite like driving Laguna Seca in real life. At the heart of the track is the “corkscrew,” a five-and-a-half-story drop consisting of a combined left-right turn that tends to chew and spit out arrogant drivers. To test your mettle and hit the track yourself, join an auto club that rented the track for a day – check out the track calendar at Mazda Raceway to see who secured the track days. The best thing about coming here is that it`s close to Big Sur, so you can convince your partner to hike and “neglect” to tell them you`re going to spend a day on the road. Braselton, GALess Less than an hour from downtown Atlanta, this iconic 2.54-mile, 12-turn course is a lightning-fast test of your machine`s capabilities and reflexes. Memorize its curves in a video game before you go there with your precious metal. The best way to get some time here is to get started leasing the track through an auto club — check out the events page at Road Atlanta for some ideas. Make sure you respect these speed limits to avoid having to pay a fine on the spot.

No matter where you drive in Hungary, you should also remember that wearing a seat belt is mandatory. Are there any race tracks or drag tracks in the area that have “open” days so I can drive in a safe and controlled environment? There is no speed limit on private property. There are many large stations with roads where you could exceed the speed limit (courtesy landowner). Some motorsport events are held on private roads. This means that drivers can easily drive up to 120 km/h on these roads. At the same time, a recently adopted law also increased speed limits on certain sections of the motorway from 130 km/h to 140 km/h. However, this speed limit only applies on those sections of the highway where “the sidewalk allows such speed.” On the riskiest sections of this route, the speed limit is strict at 90 km/h. Many European countries have high speed limits. Poland and Bulgaria, for example, have 140 km/h, but drive towards Germany and there are motorways with no speed limit.

Or you can try the Isle of Man, where the famous TT race takes place. There are road speed tests at the Silver State Classic in Nevada, USA and straight-line speed tests at the Bonneville Salt Flats. Similar events are also taking place in other countries. Lakeville, CTCareful, Connecticut men, your polo collars can be ruffled! This internal burning church has been in operation since 1957, making Lime Rock a true American classic. Nestled in the forests of northwestern Connecticut, the track has only seven turns on its short length (1.5 miles). And while it`s easy to get around, being super fast here can be a mystery that takes years to solve. Start by becoming a “member for a day” with the Lime Rock Drivers Club ($1,450), which gives you four hours of professional training on the track. We won`t deny that fast driving can be fun, but it`s not a good idea on the road in Australia. However, there are many places where you can legally drive fast. State Route 243, or Esperanza Firefighters Memorial Highway, is an incredibly scenic 30-mile route that runs from Banning to Idyllwild in Southern California.

This is where our editor, Caitlin Duffy, learned to drive. It remembers the twists visible on satellite imagery, as well as the spans of the straight road, making it a perfect route to test the performance of your exotic car. Racetracks often host track days or controlled test days where drivers can test drive with a road-approved car and a legal helmet. Keep in mind that you won`t have insurance coverage if you pile it into the wall and probably cause extreme wear and tear on your brakes and engine. You didn`t live until you had the experience of getting to the end of the main straight at full throttle, pressing the brake pedal, and understanding that there`s not much braking power, so we recommend it for the ultimate thrill. Read our article on brake fading. As much as possible, you want to be able to take open roads, press the accelerator and leave as if it were nobody`s business. Unfortunately, it is these workouts that can also lead to serious road accidents. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, speeding caused the deaths of 10,111 people in 2016. It also means that speeding accounted for up to 27% of all road fatalities this year.

Do we really need to say something about the Nürburgring that has not yet been said? Nowhere else will you find such an incredible strip of road. Looking for tight turns? Long straights? Whatever you`re looking for, the Nürburgring has it. It`s no wonder that automakers around the world are bringing their new cars here to test their capabilities. Sweden is a country that allows its drivers to accelerate more than other European countries. After all, Sweden is a relatively safe place for motorists. Therefore, there is really no need to worry on the streets. In fact, The Economist reported in 2014 that this country has “so few deaths on the roads” with only 264 deaths due to road accidents in 2013. Lexington, OHThe term “Mid-Ohio” may not cause much excitement: hills? Livestock? Butter brewing contest? Not so exciting. (Well, the last one, maybe.) But surprisingly, the area is home to one of the largest and fastest tracks in the United States, a 2.4-mile, 15-turn race track that hosts both IndyCar and the NASCAR Xfinity Series. Unlike most of the tracks on our list, Mid-Ohio hosts its own courses, called “Mid-Ohio School,” which offer a variety of levels of instruction, from open laps to three-day race tracks. Here you can drive virtually worry-free in the world, as the speed limit essentially allows it.

According to the reidsitaly.com website, the maximum speed for highways like this is 130 km/h. At the same time, the speed limit is reduced to 110 km/h on non-major motorways outside large urban areas. Remember, and you should be able to drive easily and respect limits. If you want to experience total speed freedom while driving, the best road is the German motorway. To date, there is no speed limit on this long, winding federal highway. Finally, according to a report by The Independent, Germany expects its drivers to follow all necessary rules, as it can take up to six months to get a driver`s license. Hooligan = fast. but thank you for going beyond the semantics that contribute to the thread in a meaningful way Everyone wants to test the top speed of their car, and there`s no better place to find out than at the Nardo Ring.

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