Who Are Exempt from the Real Estate Licensing Education Requirements in California

f. If you are not qualified at the time of application, applicants will be notified in writing and applicants will have two years from the date of receipt of the application to complete the qualifications and write the exam. See the process in detail here: www.dre.ca.gov/examinees/applysalesperson.html It really depends on how many courses you need to take. The ERD requires you to spend at least 18 days in each home study course. On average, student brokers need five courses to qualify for the licensing exam. The fastest time to complete five courses is 90 days. You can calculate whether you need more or less courses. Once you have completed the courses, you will need to register for the exam. The DRE needs 2-4 weeks to process the application. Then you choose a trial date (usually an additional few weeks), take and pass the test, and get your license. What you can do: While waiting for the DRE to streamline the exemption process, licensees renewing their licences can check their eligibility for the 70/30 exemption on the DRE website.

This request for exemption is not necessary because the MED already has the necessary information to qualify a licensee for the 70/30 exemption. In fact, licensees can find out if they are eligible through the DRE website, which provides a public tool for searching for licensee information. A. Be 18 years of age or olderB. A minimum of two years of full-time experience as an authorized salesperson within the last five years or equivalent is required. Further information can be found in this form: www.dre.ca.gov/examinees/requirementsbroker.htmlC. Successfully complete the following five courses: If you are a member of the California State Bar, you are exempt from university-level course requirements. If you have at least two years of experience in real estate, you can apply for the broker`s licence exam, but you must complete Form RE 227 Verification of Equivalent Experience to prove your experience. If you do not have the required experience, you must have been an authorized seller for at least two years before you can become a broker. You are exempt from the course requirements, but you must pass the Seller License exam. Please also note that to waive the educational requirements, you must submit a copy of your bar card with your application.

Yes, you are allowed to take the 3.45-hour pre-license courses with more than one school. The DRE only requires you to submit your three certificates of course completion when it`s time to apply for the state license exam. The 3 certificates of course completion can come from more than one school. Thank you Oscar. After many renewals thanks to FT`s excellent programs, and after signing up for this year`s renewal and paying FT, I was shocked when I received a call from FT. They informed me that they would reimburse my FT fees if I wanted to, as I qualified for the 70/30. In fact, I would have liked to have stuck to the normal renewal of France Télécom`s licence. It`s all great. FT is obviously there to serve the renewable energy community fairly, and they do a great job. No, the final exams for each of the mandatory 45-hour pre-license courses are not supervised.

If you take the online course, you can also take the final exam from the comfort of your own home. By not automatically notifying or releasing eligible licensees, Rule 70/30 often goes unnoticed and is not used, costing licensees additional costs and time that would not otherwise be required to maintain an active licence. Can I use college courses to meet any of the broker`s licence requirements? As a courtesy, the MED will send a reminder to licence holders 60 days prior to the expiry date of their licence. This would be an ideal opportunity to exempt licensees from the training requirement or, at the very least, to inform eligible licensees of the exemption. You cannot apply for a California real estate license online. You must fax or mail the completed application, along with all transcripts and fees paid by cheque, credit card or money order. The DRE may allow you to use college credits for the 45-hour elective course if the credits were earned as part of a real estate or law course. However, you must still take the 45-hour Principles of Real Estate and 45-hour Real Estate Practice Course.

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